work zone warning graphic

How work zone safety impacts you

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has teamed up
with the Pennsylvania State Police for Operation Orange Squeeze.
All over the PA Turnpike, troopers will trade in their police cruisers
and monitor our work zones from construction vehicles.

Paranoia Spot - Transcription - PA Turnpike

“Paranoia” (Note: Featured on website and travel boards/in service plaza ATMs)
All music and animation. No audio.
Music: Fast-paced, thumping music.
Graphics/Animation: Animated Turnpike worker with a white flag.
Text appears: More than 30 Turnpike workers.
-More animated Turnpike workers pop up on screen and numbers flash up, 1 through 30,
-Workers and numbers fall off of the screen into a diamond-shaped black box with a Turnpike worker on the front of the box
Text appears (appears to come out of the box): ...Have died...
Graphics/Animation: New animated Turnpike worker comes up, waving a flag in a work zone as a car with two occupants drives towards the worker
Text appears: ...Performing their duties
Graphics/Animation: Large image of Turnpike worker comes up almost full screen with a flag
Text appears: ...That's why...
Graphics/Animation: That image flips and becomes a large image of a cop with a radar gun
Music: Now includes the sound of a police siren
Text appears: ...Cops are cracking down in work zones
Text appears: ...In work zones
Text flips and reveals: Operation Orange Squeeze logo
Graphics/Animation and Final Text:
-Please Slow Down In Work Zones
-PA Turnpike logo alongside Operation Orange Squeeze logo
-Take the Safe Driving Pledge at
Music: Ends

Know the consequences

If jeopardizing your own safety and the safety of others isn’t enough,
penalties for unsafe driving in work zones are swift, steep, and quickly result in a suspended license.