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A message about Charles Darrell

SAFETY is #1, I am an EMT and get called for accidents, due to the incompetence and distracted driving our protocols for safety have changed from IF to WHEN an out of control vehicle enters the Accident Scene. Scene safety and Construction Zone safety has to be addressed with much stiffer penalties. (no penalties can bring back the First Responders or Construction Crews that have been killed, needlessly) PLEASE, PLEASE FOLLOW THE SPEED LIMITS.
Submitted on: 06/25/2019 - Doug L

A message about George F. Wolf

good man
Submitted on: 06/21/2019 - Anonymous

A message about William F. McGuigan

45 PA Turnpike workers have died while working on the roadway in its 79 year history. Slow down, phone down in work zones.
Submitted on: 05/20/2019 - Anonymous

A message about Michael SanFelice

Drivers, Please pay attention, stay off the phone & move over in work zones! My dad was killed on 10/22/12; he was taken from all of his family and friends way too soon. His grandchildren had him taken away and he did not have the opportunity to do all the everyday and special events with them....they are still hurting
Submitted on: 05/20/2019 - Monica S

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